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WDinsneyW is a free online resource dedicated to family cruises. We provide information about the hottest family-friendly destinations, advice on when and where to book to get the best deal, tips on how to choose a cruise ship and much, much more including how to keep easily bored kids occupied and satisfied while exploring some of the most amazing destinations in the world. So if you are looking for expert advice on how get the best value for your money and make your cruise a pure pleasure for the entire family, you have come to the right place.

Children's Paradise - Cruise Ship with an Amusement Park

The cruise industry has went through dramatic changes over the past two decades. Cruise lines didn't only began to target the wider population by making the packages more affordable but they also began to upgrade their ships to meet the needs of their new clientele. And considering that the number of travellers including the youngest ones exploring the world aboard a cruise ship has increased dramatically, the transformation of cruise liners has been a major success.

Food and Wine

In addition to making sure that everyone is entertained, cruise ships also make sure that there is enough to eat for everyone's taste and preferences. Equally important, especially for families, is that everything is included. Well, at least when it comes to most foods. As much as wine is concerned, expect to be charged extra.

Hours for Meals, Activities, Use of Facilities and Shore Excursions

Most people don't like the idea of watching the time when on holidays. Some like to sleep late, others like to eat dinner a little bit earlier, ... In other words, they prefer a 'holiday' pace and be lazy if they feel like being lazy. But there are also holidaymakers who prefer to be active while on holidays too: get up early, work out in the gym, go for a swim after breakfast. Then there are also those who are compelled to do so by their kids.

Mini Golf, Pool Games, Basketball Court and More

Family cruises don't only provide families with the opportunity to explore and experience the chosen destination with style but they also provide families with a wealth of opportunities for family fun and the ability to enjoy both kids-only and adults-only facilities and activities. Most cruise liners feature exciting and entertaining facilities offering something for the entire family to enjoy together or/and alone.

Karaoke, Dances and Other Types of Evening Fun

All the facilities and activities on-board a family-centred cruise ship have been selected with a lot of attention to children's preferences and perception of fun: the pool, waterslides, mini golf, basketball courses, climbing wall, ... there is often an entire amusement park on the main deck. But what about entertainment after dark? Most children, including the youngest ones don't want to go sleep early. And they want to be entertained. Don't worry, there is plenty of evening fun on-board as well.