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Cruise for the Entire Family

Choosing a family holiday can be very challenging. In addition to making sure that there is something for everyone, there is also the price factor that forces many families to make compromises between their wishes and budget. At a first glance, it thus may seem a little bit unusual that a growing number of families decide for a cruise instead of conventional holidays. But a closer analysis of family-centred cruises reveals that they don’t only offer something for the entire family but also offer a good value for the price. In fact, many families that go on a cruise spend less than those opting for the conventional holidays.

Endless Entertainment for Both Children and Their Parents

Family-friendly cruise lines offer endless entertainment for both children and their parents. The youngest passengers are entertained by their favourite cartoon characters, Disney princesses, strip heroes, action figures, … Then there is the deck pool with waterslides and all sorts of features that keep children occupied for hours. Just about all cruise liners also include a number of sports facilities and various children’s activities ranging from pool games to dances and movie nights, to mention only a few.

Group Baby-Sitting Included in the Fare Price

Parents who would like to have some time for themselves will be pleased to hear that family-friendly cruises also include group baby-sitting at no extra charge with the exception of late evening and cabin baby-sitting. However, family-friendly cruises offer more than just baby-sitting. The latter typically also includes various activities and programmes to keep the little ones entertained and amused while their parents are enjoying the many adults-only facilities and programmes on-board, explore and experience some of the most exotic destinations or simply have some time for themselves.

Meals, Snacks and Selected Non-Alcoholic Beverages Included as Well

Family-friendly cruise packages also include meals, snacks between the meals, pizzas, ice cream, regular coffee, tea and selected non-alcoholic beverages. Parents thus not only don’t have to worry about keeping their always hungry and thirsty kids satisfied but also avoid expenses for various snacks, ice cream and drinks which can significantly increase the cost of family holidays.