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Family Cruise to Antarctica

Antarctica, the only uninhabited continent on the very south of the Southern Hemisphere isn’t among the most sought after cruise destinations. It’s not that it isn’t worth visiting (who wouldn’t like to see thousands of penguins sitting on the shore and the spectacular ice formations) but for most travellers, it is the last or at least one of the last destinations they want to visit at least once in a lifetime.

There are several reasons why only a few thousand people decide to visit the ‘White Continent’ as opposed to millions that travel to the Mediterranean and Caribbean each year. And one of the reasons besides relatively high cost is also a large distance to the departure port. As much as families are concerned, Antarctica usually isn’t advised although the number of parents and grandparents taking their kids to an adventure cruise to the continent has been rising in the recent years. And just like adults, kids are thrilled by the sight of the penguins, whales and other animals that can be observed on the shore and from the ship.

Good to Know About Cruises to Antarctica