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Food and Wine

In addition to making sure that everyone is entertained, cruise ships also make sure that there is enough to eat for everyone’s taste and preferences. Equally important, especially for families, is that everything is included. Well, at least when it comes to most foods. As much as wine is concerned, expect to be charged extra.

What Food is Included and What isn’t?

When it comes to food, families sailing aboard family-friendly ships don’t have to worry about going hungry or spending much money. Meals in the main dinning room are included in the fare price. The same counts for most snacks, sandwiches, pizzas, hot dogs, desserts, … In addition, there are usually several menus at lunch and dinner to meet the taste of even the pickiest eaters.

Please note that food included varies greatly from one cruise liner to another. To avoid unpleasant surprises, you are therefore highly recommended to ask for a detailed list of meals included in the fare price. Normally, anything ordered at speciality and alternative restaurants is charged extra - including the drink. If you would like to reduce on-board expenses to the minimum, take advantage of free meals and snacks and desserts at the selected venues.

Drinks for Free and Fee

Many cruise passengers don’t spend anything for drinks on-board. That’s because many non-alcoholic beverages are included in the cruise price - water, tea, regular coffee and selected juices. However, you will probably have to pay extra for bottled water, soda, speciality coffee and some juices. Again, if you would like to keep the on-board expenses to the minimum, stick to free drinks.

As mentioned earlier, wine as well as beer, liquors and cocktails typically aren’t included and can be quite expensive as they are charged at restaurant prices. As a result, a fine glass of wine and a cocktail here and then can thus quickly add up the cost of your cruise.

If you like to drink a glass of fine wine, liquor or cocktail but aren’t prepared to pay a restaurant price, you should consider taking advantage various promotions such as two-for-one, happy hours, … If you would like to bring a bottle of your favourite wine or liquor on board, be sure to check with your cruise liner’s ‘bring on board’ policy. While some allow their passengers to bring a certain amount of alcohol on board, others don’t.