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Family Cruises to the Mediterranean

Want to visit three continents within a single trip? A cruise to the Mediterranean enables you to do just that. The lands surrounding the Mediterranean Sea belong to three different continents: Europe in the north, Africa in the south and Asia in the far east, with each of them offering a unique experience for all ages and interests.

Which Part of the Mediterranean?

There are cruises that enable you to visit all the highlights of the region from the Gibraltar in the west to Istanbul in the east and Venice in the north to Alexandria in the south. Most cruise lines, however, specialise in particular parts of the region:

Which Ship?

Due to popularity of the Mediterranean region as a cruise destination, finding the right ship shouldn’t be a problem. There are many family-friendly cruise lines operating in the region, but while some focus on families with young children, others are targeting those with older kids and teens.

When you find the ship that meets your family’s needs and expectations perfectly, you are recommended to book your family cruise as soon as possible because the Mediterranean is hugely popular. As a result, the best cabins and packages sell out quickly.